Antonius Höckelmann

Born: 26. März 1937 in Oelde
Died: 17. Juni 2000 in Köln

Höckelmann was trained as a wood sculptor in his hometown from 1951 to 1957 and studied from 1957 to 1961 at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin with Karl Hartung.
In 1970 he moved to Cologne and studied at the Rolandseck train station near Bonn. In 1977 he took part in documenta 6, in 1982 in documenta 7 in Kassel, and in 1984 in the exhibition From Here - Two Months of New German Art in Düsseldorf.

Many of his works combine sculpture and painting. Wooden sculptures and also sculptures made of other materials (bronze, silver foil, straw) are completely painted.

Antonius Hökelmann

Antonius Höckelmann

Ink on handmade paper, signed and dated 1984.

Size: 21 x 14.5 cm
Price: 350,- Euro

Antonius Höckelmann

Aluminum foil and glue painteed, signed and dated, 1997


Size: 27 x 13 x 19 cm

Price: 3800,-Euro

Antonius Höckelmann

Tempera and pastel on paper, 150 x 44,5 cm, signed and dated, 1995.


Price: 4800,-Euro

Antonius Höckelmann

Tempera and Pastel on cardboard, 95 x 68 cm, signed and dated.

Price: 3500,-Euro

Antonius Höckelmann

Oil paint on canvas, 49,5 x 60 cm, momogrammed and dated, 1989

Price: 1800,-Euro

Antonius Höckelmann

Antonius Höckelmann

Colored chalk and pencil on board, signed and dated, 1985.

Size: 30.5 x 43 cm
Preis: 1200,- Euro

Antonius Höckelmann

Colored chalk drawing, signed and dated, 1997, 39,5 x 29,5 cm.

Price: 950,-Euro.

Antonius Höckelmanann

Tempera and pastell on paper, signed and dated, 1995,


Size: 54 x 74 cm.

Price: 2500,-Euro

Antonius Hökelmann

Oil paint on cardboard

Size: 30,2 x 29cm
Price: 850,-Euro

Antonius Höckelmann

Pencil Drawing, signed and dated, 1999,


Size: 29,5 x 39,5 cm.

Price: 850,-Euro

  • Antonius Höckelmann

96. Edition Box, 1984


A bronze sculpture, cast in lost wax technique.

Edition of 20 copies, signed, dated and numbered
Size: 13 x 12 x 9 cm,
out of stock. (one exemplare 1400,-Euro)

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