Arthur Köpcke

Arthur Köpcke

Born: 1928 in Hamburg, Germany
Died: 1977 in Copenhagen

Art: Objects, Paintings, Literary, Collages, Assembles, Fluxus Pieces

1958 moved to Copenhagen, 1958 to 1963 he had the avant-garde Gallery "Gallery Köpcke" where artists like Manzoni, Filliou, Roth, Spoerrie, Tingueli, de Saint-Phalle first to show in Scandinavia. 1962 participation in "Festival of Misfits", London and to organize the Fluxus Festival "Festum Fluxorum" in the Nicolai Church, Copenhagen. Participant bought most of the early Fluxus Festivals in Europe.

Arthur Köpcke

"FOR REALIZER", Acryl colour and Colaga on linen, signed and dated , 1965/66,

35 x 120 cm.

Is in the book Games Art The Cedills or The Ceilla Takes Off by

George Brecht and Robert Filliou, 1967, Something Else Pres, Inc.



Price: 14.800,-Euro

Arthur Köpcke


Collag and drawing on cardoard, signet, 73,3 x 51,8 cm.

Price: 4800,-Euro

Ink on Paper, 31 x 34 cm, signed and dated, 1974.

Price 3800,-Euro.

Edition Hundertmark, Arthur Köpcke, Booklet no 41

41. Booklet, 1998


16 pages with colored and black and white illustrations.

Edition of 500 copies
Size: 15 x 21 cm
Price: 16, - Euro

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Arthur Köpcke

"Continue", 1972

Pieces from the years 1959-64 in the form of an idea map collage and colored and in a box with lines covered.

Edition of 100 copies signed and numbered.
Edition René Block
Price: 2800, - Euro

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Arthur Köpcke, hand-rebus

George Brecht and Robert Filliou, La Cedellie qui Sourit (The Cedilla that Smiles), Villefranche-sur-Mer
George Brecht and Robert Filliou, La Cedellie qui Sourit, Villefranche-sur-Mer

Arthur Köpcke

Hand-rebus, collage and oil color on canvas, 1964

From the collection of Reinhard Döhl, Stuttgart

Size: 120 x 35 cm,von 1964
Price: 16800, - Euro

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  • Arthur Koepcke

Arthur Köpcke

"piece no 60"

Acrylic and mirror on wood, signed and dated, on the back also signed, dated and titled, 1964.

Size: 122 x 61 cm
Price: 24000, - Euro

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Arthur Köpcke

"There are 128 numbers of Reading/work-pieces"

Collagen and a drawing on two red and two yellow folded and stapled cardboard double-sheets with a black cardboard cover, signed, dated and stamped, 1965

Size: 50 x 35 cm
Price: 4800, - Euro

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