Jiri Valoch Portrait

Jiri Valoch

Born: 1946 in Brno, Czech

Lives: Brno, Czech

From 1965 to 1970, Valoch studied Czech and German literature and aesthetics at the Faculty of Philosophy, Masaryk University in Brno. He has worked as an art critic, theorist and curator since 1966. From 1972 to 2001, he was a theorist and curator of Art. Currently, he is a curator at the National Gallery Prag. Since 1966, Valoch has participated in numerous individual (in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Austria) and group exhibitions. He was a member of the Klub konkretistu (Club of Concretizes) from 1968 to 1972. Valoch is a poet and author of visual and conceptual poetry, photographic concepts, events, artist books. 1969 he organized the pioneering exhibition Partury-hudebni in Brno, where it was possible to see works by Fluxus artists.


Art: Visual, Conceptual and Minimal Poetry, Mail Artist

16. Edition Box, 1972

JIRI VALOCH, "Hommage a Valoch"

40 works (drawings, screen prints, collagen, postcards, handwritten and stamped texts, one folding object and one cardboard sign with silver embossing) of Jiri Valoch, Karel Adamus, Dalibor Charteny, Ivan Charteny, Milan Grygar, J. K. Kocman, Karel Nepras, Ladislav Novak, Petr Stembera, Jan Steklik and Jan Wonjar.

Edition of 33 copies, signed by all artists.
Size: 32 x 23 cm.

Price: 4.800,- Euro

Jiri Valoch,

Drawing, signed and dated, 1974, 40 x 30 cm.

price: 3200,-Euro



Jiri Valoch

Jiri Valoch
Jiri Valoch



Drawing on bütten paper, signed and dated 1973.

Size: 21 x 29,7 cm

Price: 2400,-Euro

Jiri Valoch

"eight haiku pieces"

Pencil on Paper, signed and dated 1975/77.

Size: 21 x 30 cm

Price: sold

Jiri Valoch

"three colours of waiting"

Colour pencil on paper, signet and dated, 1977.

Size: 20 x 30 cm

Price: sold

Jiri Valoch, "during 30", in wich i realized "blind" two-hand drawings...
Drawing on paper, signed and dated, 1974,

Size: each 42 x 30cm
Price: 6300, -Euros