K. B. Schäuffelen Portrait

Konrad Balder Schäuffelen

Born: 1929 in Ulm, Germany
Died in  Munich, Germany

Art: Concrete and Visual Poetry, Audiovisual Installations, Book-Objcets, Photography-Works, Objects, Sulptures

Dreieck und Loht,

Triangle, signed, dated and numbered 5/9

Size:50 x 25 cm
Price 850,-Euro

Diameter 45cm

Price 2600,-Euro

48. Edition Box, 1977

KONRAD BALDER SCHÄUFFELEN, "Exploding Galaxy, also named Beermutter ", "Little Bing Bang"

At a black-colored wooden ball with wooden spikes impaled letter fragments.
A practice bomb in ball forms is covered with letters noodles. “Subject to the fuse vertically set up on the floor, at the outer end of the fuse to light and moves away quickly. Look out for the ignition is not in your hand! Only use outdoors.

Edition of 14 copies signed and dated
Size: Ø 14 cm and 9 cm
Price: one exemplar 800,-Euro

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102. Edition Box, 1985


A glazed box with a 100 DM note, which divided between the golden ratio, a star of gold wire and a grapevine snail.

Edition of 15 copies signed and numbered
Size: 18 x 9 x 3 cm
Price: one exemplar 800,-Euro

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Konrad Bader Schäuffelen, Der Satz vom Grund

134. Edition Box, 1993


A cup with coffee grounds and a saucer of porcelain, hand-labeled, with hanger assembly and inside the cardboard top is a text.

Edition of 27 copies, signed, dated and numbered
Size: 18 x 18 x 10 cm
Price: 600,-Euro

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