Mieko Shiomi

Mieko Shiomi

Born: 1938 in Okayama, Japan
Lives: Osaka, Japan

Mieko Shiomi grew up in a musical family and received a classical musical education at an early age. She began to study musical theory and music at the State University of Arts in Tokyo in 1957. In 1960, together with Takehisa Kosugi and others, she founded the group Ongaku (Music) and began to extend the radius of her music to include improvisation and action. The group received stimulus from performances by artists such as John Cage, La Monte Young and George Brecht, who visited Tokyo in the early 60s. As from 1963, Shiomi had contact with Yoko Ono; through her, she got to know George Brecht's events adopting the term event to describe her own works. On the invitation of George Maciunas in 1964, Shiomi went to New York, where she took part in the Fluxus events taking place there. Shiomis events are characterized by great purism. Her action consists of subtle, minimal alterations-fluctuation between Nothing and Something. One example of this is her Disappearing "Music for Face", in which a smile very slowly fades into a neutral facial expression. Shortly before her return to Japan in 1965, Mieko Shiomi initiated her "Spatial Poems", a series of nine events, for which she regarded the whole art as her stage. She invited artists worldwide to contribute, usually calling for minimal actions or small interventions in the environment (e.g. to write a word on a card and deposit this in a place selected by the individual artist) Fluxus objects and a publication. Numerous artists and authors from Central and Eastern Europe participated in this action and were thus able to become protagonists in cross-border Fluxus events. As from 1977, Mieko Shiomi devoted herself to her own compositions once again but retained her strong links with the Fluxus network and its ideas. Art: Musician, Performance, Actions, Poems, Composer, Objects


135. Edition Box, 1993


Two silk-screens in a frame box and a torchlight.

Edition of 80 copies, signed, dated and numbered
Size: 24.4 x 30 x 3 cm
Price: 900, - Euro

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154. Edition Box, 1998



Tape cassette with a run time of 51 minutes.

Edition of 370 copies signed and numbered
Price: 29,50 Euro

Deluxe Edition: 1 cardboard with an original photo, signed and numbered, 4 text pages and a score, also a tape cassette.
Edition of 30 copies
Size: 20 x 28 x 2 cm
Price: 180, - Euro

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10. CD - Mieko Shiomi, "Fluxus Suite"

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A sample of about 2 minutes in MP3 format.

Musical Dictionary of 80 people around fluxus.

Edition of 500 copies
Price: 16,50 Euro (1 x CD)

100 copies are signed and numbered
Price: 25 Euro (1 x CD)

Preferably copy, 20 different sheets of music, signed
Price: 180,- Euro

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30. Booklet, 1993


48 pages with text and a silk-screen on transparent foil, cardboard cover, offset-print.

Edition of 500 copies
Size: 15 x 11 cm
Price: 18, - Euro

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Mieko Shiomi, "BOTTLED MUSIC, 10"


(Take any of the tablets, when you wand to your life. 1993)

a glas bottel, signed and nubered, II/XII, height 7,5 cm.

Price: 480,-Euro

Mieko Shiomi, "BOTTLED MUSIC; 9"

Ready To Blend Expressions

(Take all the tablets at once), 1993, signed and numbered, II/XII, height 10 cm.

Price: 380,-Euro

Mieko Shiomi, "BOTTLE MUSIC,//5"

Water Vienna Waltzees conduceted by a white pick.

signed and numberd, V/VI, hight 8 cm.

Price: 380,-Euro

Mieko Shiomi,"BOTTLES MUSIC;//12"

Sonic Palidrome

On the tape insideis recorded a melody

corresponding to Latin palidrome a melody . The 

signed and numbered, II/XII, hight 8 cm.

Priece: 480,-Euro




Mieko Shiomi


A wood box with four filled bottle, signed and dated, 1/VI, 1993

Size: 28 x 10 x 8.5 cm
Price: 480, - Euro

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Mieko Shiomi


A cardboard with prints on different papers, metal discs and cord, 1993

Price: 40, - Euro

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