Takako Saito Portrait

Takako Saito

Born: 1929 in Sabae-Shi, Fukui, Japan
Lives: Düsseldorf, Germany

Art: Visuelle Arts, Sculptures, Installations, Perfomance, Multiples, Drawings

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Edition Hundertmark, Takako Saito, Booklet no 11

11. Booklet, 1983

TAKAKO SAITO, "Blaues Regenbogen - Weinschachspiel"

A blueprinted cardboard portfolio with two posters, blue and green printed, each of them has a chessboard design and special game instruction, offset-print.

Edition of 500 copies
Portfolio size: 16 x 21 cm
Poster size: 62 x 62 cm
Price: 18, - Euro

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Takako Saito


A bag with a Pocket and inside is a drawing on a napkin, signed, dated and numbered.

Edition No 5 from 10 copies.

Size: 33 x 31 cm
Price:420, - Euro

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Takako Saito

"Klammern an..."

A stamped card and a clothes-peg, signed and numbered, 1984

Edition of 100 copies
Size: 8 x 4 cm
Price: 260, - Euro

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