Tomas Schmit Portrait

Tomas Schmit

Born: 1943 in Thier, Germany
Died: 2006 in Berlin

Art: Drawings, Performance, Texts, Actions

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Tomas Schmit, " zweierlei und zweierlei ist zwölferlei "

Pencil and color pancil drawings, a booklet with eight pages with seven drawings,

signed and dated, 1989, each 19 x 20 cm.

Price 2800,-Euro

Tomas Schmit


Pencil and color pencil on Cardoard, signed and dated, 1992,

42,7 x 52 cm.

Price: Sold

tomas schmlt liest eigene texte,

tomas schmit liesr eigene texte

CD, signed and numberd, gesamtdauer 74,50

Price: 90,- Euro

  • TOMAS SCHMIT, nvex & ncav & co

32. Edition Box, 1973

TOMAS SCHMIT, "nvex & ncav & co"

10 original drawings, a bottle object, linen object and two photo strips in a wooden box.

Edition of 30 copies signed, dated and numbered
Box size: 18 x 31 x 12cm
Price: 5800, - Euro

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Tomas Schmit

"will present some objects, some pieces, some actions..., addi köpcke and tomas schmit will be in the gallery to see you"

The Jysk Kunstgalerie, Copenhagen, 1965

Size: 31 x 41.5 cm
Price: 380, - Euro

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Thomas Schmitt

Tomas Schmitt

"el & ba"

Pencil and color pen drawing, signed and dated 1986

Edition of 100 several copies
Size: 20 x 30 cm
Price: 380, - Euro

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Tomas Schmit


A small box with an instruction "you owner of this case...." and a lot of stickers, 1966

Price: 1900, - Euro

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Tomas Schmit


Color pen drawing, signed and dated, 1973

Size: 10.3 x 15.2 cm
Price: 850, - Euro

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Tomas Schmit

"erster entwurf (einer ästhetik)"

Selbstverlag, Berlin, 1989, with a little drawing, signed

Price: 240,-Euro

Tomas Schmit: Die Ziege

Tomas Schmit

"Die Ziege MECKERT..."

Pencil and color pencil on cardboard, signed and dated 1973, 32 x 30,2 cm

Price: 2400,-Euro

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