Henryk Stazewski

Warsaw 1894 - 1988

1894 Henryk Stazewski was born in Warsaw. He was the youngest sons of Rafael Stazewski, owner of an artistic metal foundry, and Michaelina Skibicka.

1913 - 1919 He studied painting at the Fin Art College of Warsaw.

1923 He participated in the exhibition of new Art in Vilna. 

1924 The Vilna exhibition contributed to the consolidation of the group Block, founded in Warsaw. in 1924 Stazewski was for the first time in Paris. In 1925 he went there again where met Piet Mondrian and Michel Seuphor.

1926 The works by Henryk Stazewski painted 1926, were already decisively abstract compositions.

1927 The exhibition of Kazimierz Malewicz´s works took place in the Artistic Club of Warsaw.

Henryk Stazewski

Tempera and Collage on cardboard, signed and dated 1976.

Size: 28,2 x 27,8 cm

Price: Sold